Aparicio, J., Kapelko, M., Ortiz, L. (2023) "Enhancing the Measurement of Firm Inefficiency Accounting for Corporate Social Responsibility: A Dynamic Data Envelopment Analysis Fuzzy Approach", European Journal of Operational Research, 306 (2):986–997

Juan Aparicio, Lidia Ortiz(Operations Research Center, University Miguel Hernández of Elche) and Magdalena Kapelko (Wrocław University of Economics and Business)
Abstract: This paper contributes to research on the corporate social responsibility (CSR) field and the inefficiency measurement of firms by proposing a new method for evaluating inefficiency accounting for firms’ CSR activities. The new approach considers […]

Bugallo, M., Esteban, M.D., Marey-Pérez, M.F., Morales, D. (2023) “Wildfire prediction using zero-inflated negative binomial mixed models: Application to Spain”, Journal of Environmental Management, 328:116788

María Bugallo, María Dolores Esteban, Domingo Morales (Operations Research Center, University Miguel Hernández of Elche) and Manuel Francisco Marey-Pérez (Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, Escuela Politécnica Superior de Ingeniería, Spain)
Abstract: Wildfires have changed in recent decades. The catastrophic wildfires make it necessary to have accurate predictive models on a country scale to organize firefighting resources. […]

Labbé, M., Landete, M., Leal, M. (2023) “Dendrograms, minimum spanning trees and feature selection”, European Journal of Operational Research

Martine Labbé (Computer Science Department, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium) Mercedes Landete and Marina Leal(Operations Research Center, University Miguel Hernández of Elche) and 
Abstract: Feature selection is a fundamental process to avoid overfitting and to reduce the size of databases without significant loss of information that applies to hierarchical clustering. Dendrograms are graphical representations of hierarchical clustering […]

Valero-Carreras, D., Alcaraz, J., Landete, M. (2023) "Comparing two SVM models through different metrics based on the confusion matrix", Computers and Operations Research, 152:106131

Daniel Valero Carreras, Javier Alcaraz and Mercedes Landete (Center of Operations Research, Miguel Hernández University of Elche) 
Abstract: Support Vector Machines (SVM) are an efficient alternative for supervised classification. In the soft margin SVM model, two different objectives are optimized and the set of alternative solutions represent a Pareto-front of points, each one of them representing a […]

García-Hernández, V.M., Beltrá-García-Calvo, M., Sánchez-Soriano, J., Iborra-Campos, M. A., Cano Lamadrid, M., Carbonell-Barrachina, Á. A., Roche, E. , García-García, E.(2022) "1 Quality Aspects To Consider In Flaxseed As A Valid Omega-3 Dietary Supplement: A Randomized Controlled Trial", Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology and Food Sciences, 12 (3):e5932

Vanessa M.  García-Hernández, Marta Beltrá-García-Calvo, Enrique Roche, Elena García-García, (Department of Applied Biology-Nutrition and Institute of Bioengineering. Miguel Hernández University, Elche), Joaquín Sánchez-Soriano (Operations Research Center, University Miguel Hernández of Elche) and Marina Cano Lamadrid, Ángel A. Carbonell-Barrachina (Group of Food Quality and Safety, Agro-Food Technology Department, University Miguel Hernández, Orihuela)
Abstract: Dietary supplements, based on […]

Roldán-Zafra, J., Perea, C. (2022) "Math Learning in a Science Museum—Proposal for a Workshop Design Based on STEAM Strategy to Learn Mathematics. The Case of the Cryptography Workshop", Mathematics, 10 (22):4335

Juan Roldán-Zafra and Carmen Perea (Operations Research Center, University Miguel Hernández of Elche) 
Abstract: In mathematics teaching, great efforts are made, and diverse teaching strategies are employed in order to facilitate students’ learning process. Informal environments have proven to be conducive and motivating spaces for science learning. In particular, science museums can be used as a […]

Ferrando, J.C., López-Pellicer, M. (2022) "Classifying Topologies through G-Bases", Axioms, 11 (12):744

Juan Carlos Ferrando (Operations Research Center, University Miguel Hernández of Elche) and Manuel López-Pellicer (Department de Matemática Aplicada and IMPA, Universitat Politècnica de València)
Abstract: We classify several topological properties of a Tychonoff space X by means of certain locally convex topologies T with a G-base located between the pointwise topology τp and the bounded-open topology […]

Zubcoff, J.-J., Olcina, J., Morales, J., Mazón, J.-N., Mayoral, A.M. (2023) "Usefulness of open data to determine the incidence of COVID-19 and its relationship with atmospheric variables in Spain during the 2020 lockdown", Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 186:122108

Jose-Jacobo Zubcoff, Jorge Olcina, Jose-Norberto Mazón (University of Alicante), Javier Morales and Asunción M. Mayoral (Operations Research Center, University Miguel Hernández of Elche) 
Abstract: The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic and the spread of the COVID-19 disease led to a lockdown being imposed in Spain to minimise contagion from 16 March 2020 to 1 May 2020. Over this period, […]

Esteve, M., Aparicio, J., Rodríguez-Sala, J.J., Zhu, J. (2023) "Random Forests and the measurement of super-efficiency in the context of Free Disposal Hull", European Journal of Operational Research, 304 (2):729–744

Miriam Esteva, Juan Aparicio, Jesús Javier (Operations Research Center, University Miguel Hernández of Elche) and Joe Zhu (Foisie Business School, Worcester Polytechnic Institute,)
Abstract: In the technical efficiency evaluation area, it may happen that many observations obtain a similar relative technical efficiency status, making it difficult to discriminate between them. The determination of super-efficiency has been […]

Esteban, M.D., Hobza, T., Morales, D., Pérez, A. (2023) "Small Area Estimation of Proportion-Based Indicators", Balakrishnan, N., Gil, M.A. Martín, N., Morales, D., Pardo, M.C., (eds.), Trends in Mathematical, Information and Data Sciences A Tribute to Leandro Pardo, 445:329–337

María Dolores Esteban, Domingo Morales, Agustín Pérez (Operations Research Center, University Miguel Hernández of Elche) and Tomáš Hobza (Czech Technical University in Prague)
Abstract: This paper considers a unit-level multinomial model with logit link for small area estimation of proportion-based socioeconomic indicators. For a labour force survey, some of these indicators are totals of unemployed people, […]