Company Services

Our interdisciplinary team of researchers are experts in different topics related to Data Science, Statistics, Big Data and AI, they have extensive experience participating and leading national and European projects, also with the transfer of knowledge to companies for their implementation in society. Our center also works closely with companies, developing applications that adapt to their needs in the management, storage and analysis of Big Data sets. We are open to collaboration with companies: from the development of projects that respond to their needs. Below is a non-detailed list of some of the services we offer.

  • Analysis of customer preferences to offer personalized products automatically
  • Automation of mechanical processes and cost reduction
  • Target audience segmentation and behavior pattern detection
  • Optimization of advertising rates according to customer demand
  • Triangulation of data to obtain more relevant customer and product demands
  • Time reduction in business and healthcare simulations
  • Descriptive study of job candidates and worker retention
  • Alert systems to predict peaks or falls in demand
  • Identification of business opportunities
  • Quantification and optimization of personal performance
  • Platforms for new treatments and better understanding of diseases, their triggers and patterns of spread
  • Optimization of traffic flows, machines and devices based on data that arrives in real time from traffic, social networks and weather
  • Algorithms for decision making in different economic sectors