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Relationship between COVID and environmental variables

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What we offer?

Among our objectives priorities are, first, both basic and applied research carried out by its researchers, second, the transfer of knowledge and technology to Society, always seeking to improve quality, efficiency and productivity both in public institutions and in companies. private, and, thirdly, promote postgraduate training (advanced courses, masters and doctoral programs).


Academic programs

We offer students an Official Master's Degree and two PhDs to grow with us: EOMA PhD and DEcIDE PhD



Training with us will allow the student to enjoy a wide variety of seminars with recognized researchers.

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Scientific articles

Our researchers offer a wide range of scientific articles that you can read on our website.

rapid test distribution system that would save 30% of infections

It is a desktop application that provides how many tests to perform each day of the time horizon and in which zip codes, in order to minimize the speed of expansion. To do this, it takes into account, among other parameters, the number of cases detected, the number of susceptible cases and the possible evolution of the virus. Furthermore, the system is updated daily based on the daily information provided and adjusts the possible scenarios. Also, it provides the expansion map of Covid-19 and its possible evolution.

Optimal results

big data

What is data science?

Big data is an imprecise term, which is used when we want to talk about the data that our society creates and processes in digital form, with increasing speed, volume, and variety. 

Academic programs

Form with us

The CIO offers an Official Master Degree in Computational Statistics and Data Science and two PhD programs: PhD in Statistics, Optimization and Applied Mathematics (EOMA) and Interuniversity PhD in Economics (DEcIDE)


Master Degree

Intended for all those students with a degree in which they have received training in statistics, mathematics or computing, and who wish to continue their studies to receive advanced multidisciplinary training that enables them to make decisions.



Form of scientists and researchers with the analytical capacity of information and its treatment, to carry out the optimization of complex systems using the most advanced techniques.



It was created with the purpose that doctoral students acquire a proven qualification in the chosen line of research, preparing quality theses that lead to first-rate publications.

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What do they write about us?

Cruz Roja y la UMH estudian los indicadores autonómicos de vulnerabilidad

Diario Información

Los investigadores esperan analizar a largo plazo los efectos de la pandemia en una futura líneas de investigación en el contexto de este contrato de colaboración

La UMH firma un contrato con la Generalitat para apoyar la toma de decisiones durante la crisis del Covid-19

Diario Información

La Universidad ha empezado a aplicar sus modelos analíticos a la toma de decisiones políticas o de gestión en el ámbito social

Investigadores de la UMH desarrollan un sistema para decidir dónde es conveniente realizar test masivos

20 minutos

El objetivo es «minimizar» el total de individuos contagiados por Covid19. Ha sido desarrollado por José Luis Sainz-Pardo, José Valero y Juan Francisco Monge.

"I believe that at the end of the century the use of words and general educated opinion will have altered so much that one will be able to speak of machines thinking without expecting to be contradicted"
Alan turing