Two-step benchmarking: Setting more realistically achievable targets in DEA

[:es]Ramón, N. (Universidad Miguel Herández); Ruíz, J.L. (Universidad Miguel Hernández); Sirvent, I. (Universidad Miguel Hernández).
Abstract: The models that set the closest targets have made an important contribution to DEA as tool for the best-practice benchmarking of decision making units (DMUs). These models may help defining plans for improvement that require less effort from the DMUs. […]

A novel characterisation-based algorithm to discover new knowledge from classification datasets without use of support

[:es]Lazcorreta Puigmartí, E. (Universidad Miguel Hernández); Botella, F. (Universidad Miguel Hernández); Fernández-Caballero, A (Universidad Castilla- La Mancha)
Abstract: This paper introduces a novel proposal to discover the best associative classification rules through studying the influence of the attributes used in robust catalogues. Notice that a catalogue is defined as a dataset free of duplicate records. Moreover, […]

A note on measuring group performance over time with pseudo-panels

[:es]Aparicio, J.(Miguel Hernandez University of Elche); Santin, D. (Complutense University of Madrid).
Abstract: Aparicio, Crespo-Cebada, Pedraja-Chaparro, and Santin (2017) recently extended the Camanho and Dyson (2006) Malmquist-type index (CDMI) for determining group performance in cross-sectional studies to panel or pseudo-panel databases. In that paper, it was shown that the pseudo-panel Malmquist index (PPMI) can be easily […]

Derivation and validation model for hospital hypoglycemia

[:es]Ena, J.(Hospital Marina Baixa); Gaviria, A.Z.(Hospital de Fuenlabrada); Romero Sánchez, M. (Hospital de Fuenlabrada); Carretero Gómez, J. (Hospital de Zafra, Badajoz); Carrasco Sánchez, F.J. (Hospital Juan Ramón Jiménez); Segura Heras, J.V. (Universidad Miguel Hernández); Porto Pérez, A.B. (Complexo Hospitalario Universitario de A Coruña); Vázquez Rodríguez, P. (Complexo Hospitalario Universitario de A Coruña); González Bezerra, C.(Hospital […]

Next generation of ventricular catheters for hydrocephalus based on parametric designs

[:es]Galarza, M. (University of Murcia); Giménez, A.( University Miguel Hernández); Amigó, J.M.(University Miguel Hernández); Schuhmann, M.(University Hospital Tuebingen); Gazzeri, R. (San Giovanni Addolorata Hospital); Thomale, U. (Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin); McAllister, J.P. (Washington University School of Medicine)
Background: The flow pattern of the cerebrospinal fluid is probably the most important factor related to obstruction of ventricular catheters […]