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Abstract: In the literature of Economics, Engineering and Operations Research, the estimation of production frontiers is a current hot topic. Many parametric and nonparametric methodologies have been introduced for estimating technical efficiency of a set of units (for example, […]

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Abstract: The goal of this paper is to characterize the institutional diversity of the private side of a higher education system. The classification techniques used in the literature have a propensity to compare private higher education institutions […]

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Abstract: Formal specification is an essential phase for the design of any network algorithm, including Active Queue Management (AQM) schemes. In this poster, we focus on modeling with Petri Nets (PN) a new scheme of AQM. Our AQM is based […]

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Abstract: To the best of our knowledge, the method of prediction coordinates is the only forecasting method in nonlinear time series analysis that explicitly uses the stochastic characteristics of a system with […]

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Abstract: Since its inception, control of data congestion on the Internet has been based on stochastic models. One of the first such models was Random Early Detection. Later, this model was reformulated as a dynamical system, with the average queue sizes […]

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Abstract: The measurement of technical efficiency is a topic of great interest. Since the beginning, many researchers have developed new approaches to gauge technical efficiency, mainly in the non-parametric area of Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA). However, the first measures in […]

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Abstract: Obesity is considered to be one of the primary health risks in modern industrialized societies. Estimating the evolution of its prevalence over time is an essential element of public […]

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