Defining a new graph inefficiency measure for the proportional directional distance function and introducing a new Malmquist productivity index (2020), European Journal of Operational Research 281, pp. 222-230

Jesus T. Pastor (University Miguel Hernandez of Elche), C. A. Knox Lovell (University of Queensland) and Juan Aparicio (University Miguel Hernandez of Elche)
Abstract: A natural multiplicative efficiency measure for the Constant Returns to Scale proportional directional distance function (pDDF) is derived, relating its associated linear program to that of the well-known output-oriented radial efficiency measurement model. Based on this […]

A Continuous Competitive Facility Location and Design Problem for Firm Expansion (2020), Springer Nature Switzerland, pp. 1013–1022,

Bogl ́arka G.-T ́oth (University of Szeged), Laura Anton-Sanchez (Miguel Hernández University), José Fernández (University of Murcia), Juana L. Redondo (University of Almería) and Pilar M. Ortigosa (University of Almería)
Abstract: A firm wants to expand its presence in a given geographical region. The available budget can be invested in opening a new facility and/or modifying the qualities of the existing firm-owned facilities. The firm […]

Seminario Online Guillem Durán

Título: Investigando síntesis de programas en Python
Ponente: Guillem Durán (Fragile Technologies, Murcia)
Organizador: José Mª Amigó
Fecha: Lunes 22 de junio a las 12:00 horas.
Resumen: La síntesis de programas consiste en construir modelos predictivos combinando diferentes bloques independientes que representan funciones matemáticas. […]

Customer eXperience: A Bridge Between Service Science and Human-Computer Interaction (2020), T. Ahram et al. (Eds.): IHSED 2019, AISC 1026, pp. 385–390.

Virginica Rusu (Universidad de Playa Ancha), Cristian Rusu (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso), Federico Botella (Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche), Daniela Quiñones (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso), Camila Bascur (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso) and Virginia Zaraza Rusu (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso).
Abstract:  User eXperience (UX) and Usability are key concepts in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). Customer eXperience […]

Multi-objective evolutionary algorithms for a reliability location problem (2020), European Journal of Operational Research Volume 283, P. 83-93

Javier Alcaraz (University Miguel Hernández of Elche), Mercedes Landete (University Miguel Hernández of Elche), Juan F. Monge (University Miguel Hernández of Elche) and José L. Sainz-Pardo (University Miguel Hernández of Elche).
Abstract: Some location problems with unreliable facilities present two different objectives, one consisting of minimizing the opening and transportation costs if none of the facilities fail and another […]

Seminario Online Marco López

Título: Impacto social de las matemáticas
Ponente: Marco López (Universidad de Alicante)
Organizador: Juan Parra
Fecha: Lunes 15 de junio a las 12:00 horas.
En esta presentación se analizan las diferentes razones que contribuyen a que las Matemáticas se encuentren, hoy en día, en un primer plano de actualidad. Destacaríamos, en primer lugar, su presencia, como lenguaje y […]

Introducing cross-productivity: A new approach for ranking productive units over time in Data Envelopment Analysis (2020), Computers & Industrial Engineering Volume 144, 106456

Juan Aparicio (University Miguel Hernández of Elche), Lidia Ortiz (University Miguel Hernández of Elche), Jesus T. Pastor (University Miguel Hernández of Elche) and Jon M. Zabala-Iturriagagoitia (University of Deusto).
Abstract: Cross-efficiency has been developed for the evaluation of cross-sectional data in Data Envelopment Analysis. This paper extends cross-efficiency evaluation introducing the concept of cross-productivity. The extension proposed […]

Small area estimation under a measurement error bivariate Fay–Herriot model (2020), Statistical Methods & Applications

Jan Pablo Burgard  (Trier University), María Dolores Esteban (University Miguel Hernández of Elche), Domingo Morales (University Miguel Hernández of Elche) and Agustín Pérez (University Miguel Hernández of Elche).
Abstract: The bivariate Fay–Herriot model is an area-level linear mixed model that can be used for estimating the domain means of two correlated target variables. Under this model, the dependent variables are direct estimators […]

Seminario Online Jan-J. Rückmann

Título: Stabilityof C-stationary Points for Mathematical Programs with Complementarity Constraints.
Ponente:   Jan-J. Rückmann (University of Bergen)
Organizador: Juan Parra
Fecha: Lunes 8 de junio a las 12:00 horas.
We consider the class of mathematical programs with complementarity constraints (MPCC). Under an appropriate constraint qualification of Mangasarian-Fromovitz type we present a topological and an equivalent algebraic characterization of a stronglystable C-stationary […]