Bogl ́arka G.-T ́oth (University of Szeged), Laura Anton-Sanchez (Miguel Hernández University), José Fernández (University of Murcia), Juana L. Redondo (University of Almería) and Pilar M. Ortigosa (University of Almería)
Abstract: A firm wants to expand its presence in a given geographical region. The available budget can be invested in opening a new facility and/or modifying the qualities of the existing firm-owned facilities. The firm can also close some of its existing facilities in order to invest the
money formerly devoted to them to its other facilities or to the new one (in case it is finally open). A MINLP formulation is proposed to model
this new problem. Both an exact interval branch-and-bound method and an ad-hoc heuristic are proposed to solve the model. Some computational results are reported
Keywords: Facility location; Competition; Quality; MINLP; Interval analysis; Heuristic.