Título: Measuring the Performance of the Education Sector Using Data Envelopment Analysis

Ponente:Dovilė Stumbrienė (Universidad de Vilnius (Lituania))

Fecha y hora: 25/10/2023, 13:00

Lugar: Sala de seminarios (CIO) y online

Organizador:José Luis Ruiz Gómez



Performance measuring in education is a topic of intense debate among politicians, teachers, and other educational stakeholders. Based on recent research, the lecture provides some insights into how to use Data Envelopment Analysis to measure the performance of the education sector. First, the construction of composite indicators for performance management will be presented. The analyses of different modelling alternatives for the construction of composite indicators, with varying degrees of weight flexibility, will be discussed. Second, the evaluation of performance change over time will be demonstrated using a global Malmquist index. An innovative formulation using Mixed-Integer Linear Programming will be presented to estimate the performance of education and training in European countries against a non-convex metafrontier. Third, the relationship between efficiency and effectiveness will be discussed. The efficiency and effectiveness analysis of performance with an overall view of European educational systems will be presented. The focus will be on equity in education (ensuring that all students get the necessary skills) and fairness (ensuring that all students, regardless of their background, with equal opportunities can achieve learning success). Finally, new research directions will be presented.

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