Título: Time series data mining and its applications in real-world problems

Ponente:  Antonio Manuel Durán (Universidad de Córdoba)

Organizador: Jesús Javier Rodríguez Sala

Date: Lunes 4 de octubre de 2021 a las 12:00 horas.

Lugar: Online.

Abstract: Currently, information systems such as sensors produce a  large amount of data, which is expected to experience exponential  growth in the coming years. These data are often treated as time  series, which are chronologically collected data representing a  time-varying function. Time series appear in a wide range ofscientific fields, such as hydrology, paleoclimatology or air traffic,  among others. This seminar exposes the preprocessing, segmentation and  prediction of time series, which are considered one of the main tasks  of time series data mining. Machine learning (ML) techniques and  bio-inspired algorithms are detailed throughout a set of real-world  applications.

Categories: Novedades