[:es]Título:  Convergence of High-Performance Computing and Big Data Analytics: Applications and Open Challenges

Ponente: Silvina Caino-Lores (University of Tennessee – Knoxville)

Organizador: Alejandro Bia Platas

Date: Jueves 11 de marzo de 2021 a las 14:00

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ABSTRACT: In this talk we will tackle one of the most relevant topics nowadays in Computer Science: the convergence of high-performance scientific computing with Big Data analytics. Starting from an understanding of both ecosystems in terms of their respective strengths and impact in the scientific community and industry, we will analyse the requirements of emergent areas of research to motivate the need for unified paradigms and tools that leverage the best features of both worlds. In addition, we will study real scientific applications with functional requirements that cannot be satisfied by either ecosystem alone, we will explore state-of-the-art solutions to these challenges, and discuss current trends and opportunities for further research in the field.[:]