[:es]Título:  Applications of unique continuation and Runge approximation for local and nonlocal PDEs

Ponente: María Ángeles García-Ferrero (Universidad de Heidelberg)

Organizador: Ángel Giménez

Date: Lunes 15 de febrero de 2021 a las 12:00 horas.

Lugar:  Online. [button link=»meet.google.com/jcz-ssii-jun» color=»red»] PINCHA AQUÍ PARA ACCEDER[/button]

Abstract: Unique continuation and Runge approximation generalize well-known properties of holomorphic functions to solutions of more general PDEs. In this talk I will review some of these dual properties, comparing the case of local and nonlocal operators and including quantitative versions.
The relevance of these properties is rich and varied. We will see applications to inverse problems and to the prescription of qualitative properties of solutions to PDEs, such as the distribution of hot spots.[:]