Título: Dynamics of stochastic nonlocal reaction-diffusion equations driven by multiplicative noise

Ponente: Jiaohui Xu (Dpto. Ecuaciones Diferenciales y Análisis Numérico, Universidad de Sevilla)

Organizador: José Valero

Fecha: Lunes 28 de marzo de 2022 a las 12:00 horas.

Lugar: Aula de Teoría 0.2 CIO

Abstract: This talk deals with fractional stochastic nonlocal partial differential equations driven by multiplicative noise. We first prove the existence and uniqueness of solution to this kind of equations with white noise by applying the Galerkin method. Then, the existence and uniqueness of tempered pullback random attractor for the equation are ensured in an appropriate Hilbert space. When the fractional nonlocal partial differential equations are driven by colored noise, which indeed are approximations of the previous ones, we show the convergence of solutions of Wong-Zakai approximations and the upper semicontinuity of random attractors of the approximate random system as δ → 0.

Categories: Novedades