[:es]Título:  Explicit PV modelling & model-based applications in PV systems

Ponente: Efstratios Batzelis (Imperial College London)

Organizador: Javier Toledo Melero

Fecha: Lunes 19 de abril de 2021 a las 12:00 horas.

Lugar:  Online.

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Abstract: The solar photovoltaic (PV) technology has lately faced remarkable growth worldwide and remains central in many countries’ strategic plan for decarbonization of the energy sector. This talk will first look into the modelling aspects of the PV generator, discussing models of explicit formulation to calculate the current-voltage characteristic, to determine the maximum power point (MPP) and to extract the model parameters. The second part of the talk will demonstrate real-time applications of these models in PV systems towards a more “grid-friendly” profile, i.e. to be more supportive of the electric grid during disturbances and allow higher levels of solar integration. It is shown how an embedded algorithm into the microcontroller of the PV inverter can make good use of these models to provide power reserves and estimate the MPP power from a curtailed power level.

Short Bio: Dr Efstratios (Stratis) Batzelis is an expert in photovoltaic systems modelling, control and integration. He is a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) at the University of Southampton (UK) and a Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellow working on solar integration challenges in developing countries. Prior to this post, he held an EU Marie-Curie fellowship at Imperial College London (UK) on more grid-friendly PV systems in 2017-2019, and he received his PhD degree from the National Technical University of Athens (Greece) in 2016. Dr Batzelis’s research on PV systems has received about £1.6M funding and has been published in about 35 journal and conference papers. He is a Senior IEE member and currently serves as an associate Editor in IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy. His research interests include renewable energy technologies and distributed generation, especially solar photovoltaics, power converters control and power system stability.[:]