[:es]M. G. Fiestras-Janeiro (University of Vigo),  I. García-Jurado (University of A Coruña),  A. Meca (University Miguel Hernández of Elche) and M. A. Mosquera(University of Vigo).
Abstract. We introduce a new model involving TU-games and exogenous structures. Specifically, we consider that each player in a population can choose an element in a strategy set and that, for every possible strategy profile, a TU-game is associated with the population. This is what we call a TU-game with strategies. We propose and characterize the maxmin procedure to map every game with strategies to a TU-game. We also study whether or not the relevant properties of TU-games are transmitted by applying the maxmin procedure. Finally, we examine two relevant classes of TU-games with strategies: airport and simple games with strategies
Keywords.  Game theory; Cooperative games; Maxmin procedure; Strategies; Airport games; Simple games.[:]