[:es]Speaker: Enrique Zuazua (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid y Universidad de Deusto)
Title: “Dynamics and control of some models arising in social and biological sciences”
Date: jueves 16 de abril, 11:00 horas.
Localication: Aulas 0.1 y 0.2 del CIO (Edificio Torretamarit).
Abstract. We shall introduce a number of methods and computational techniques to analyse and control dynamical systems aimed to model phenomena inspired in the broad context of social and biological sciences. We shall consider classical reaction-diffusion equations and present some techniques allowing to analyse their controllability, preserving the needed constraints on the state. Concepts and techniques based on turnpike theory and quasi-static approaches will be presented. Unnecessary technical difficulties will be avoided, and emphasis will be done on presenting some perspectives for future research.[:]


Enrique Zuazua » Enrique Zuazua abrió el ciclo “Mayo del Talento” del CIO · 26 mayo, 2019 at 12:23 pm

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