[:es]Toledo, F.J (Universidad Miguel Hernández); Blanes, J.M.M. ( Universidad Miguel Hernández); Galiano, V. (Universidad Miguel Hernández).
Publisher in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Abstract: In this paper a new method to calculate the five parameters of the single-diode model of a photovoltaic cell or panel is presented. This new method takes into account the intrinsic properties of the model equation and the technique of linear least-squares fitting, so, the computational complexity and costs are very low. Moreover, the proposed method, named Two-Step Linear Least-Squares (TSLLS) method, is able to work absolutely blindly with any kind of I-V curve. It does not need initial guesses at all and, consequently, it is not necessary to know previously any information of any parameter. The proposed method provides the parameters of the single-diode model just using the coordinates of N points (N$\geq$5) of the I-V curve. The results provided by this method in a first stage have the same order of accuracy of the best documented methods in the field of parameters extraction, but, furthermore, in a second stage the best accuracy documented until now is obtained in two important case studies usually used in the literature as well as in a large-scale I-V curve repository with more than one million of curves. IEEE[:]


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