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Conference Prof. Jacson Simsen


Title: Large diffusion phenomena for reaction-diffusion problems

Speaker: Jacson Simsen (Universidade Federal de Itajuba)

Date: 03/02/2017 12:00 h

Location: Sala de Seminarios, Edificio Torretamarit


In this talk I will give an overview on reaction-diffusion problems with large diffusion emphasizing the last advances for problems with variable exponents. More specifically, we will consider initial value problems with spatially variable exponents under the homogeneous Neumann boundary conditions on smooth bounded domains. We will first consider the reaction term a univalued globally Lipschitz map and after a multivalued globally Lipschitz map with respect to the Hausdorff metric. We study continuity of solutions and upper semicontinuity of global attractors with respect to the initial data, exponents and diffusion parameters.

26 enero 2017